How to Shop Online Safely

Purchasing products on the Internet can help alot in saving time and money. Purchasing from the comfort of your own home appeals to a lot of people, though many are concerned as to the safety of online transactions. These recommendations will help you learn how to shop safely on the Internet.

Shop with who you know

Shopping at reputable sites and with companies you know about can help your feelings of security tremendously. Sites such as (launched in 1995) and other reputable sites have been in existence for a long time and offer excellent customer service combined with great prices.

You can check a company’s reputation by contacting the Better Business Bureau or the Office of the State Attorney General in your state or the state where the seller is located which can be accessed through the National Association of Attorneys General.

Also, check out their return policies, whether or not they display a phone number & address, and their privacy policies to determine if they are a firm you want to deal with.

Signs of security

Look for signs of security while you shop, a locked key in the browser, https:// in the beginning of the website address, and other signs of encryption. Secure Socket Layers, the security used to encrypt your transmitted information, should be used by any reputable firm.

Use a credit card

Using a credit card can help reduce any fraud you are scared of by limiting your liability to $50 (for most cards). Most large stores offer the ability to pay by phone, fax, or mail, if you don't want to take the dive immediately into fully electronic shopping.

Start small

If you still don't feel comfortable, start small, buy a best selling book or top selling DVD to try out shopping online for a nominal amount of money, which in some cases includes free shipping!