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Inspired by Disney's Pixar film Cars, this Lightning McQueen 13-inch TV with built-in DVD player makes movie time fun. Gather the kids around your favorite leading car for the ultimate in viewing excitement. You can even sing along to karaoke. This large-scale car really knows how to talk. With animated eyes and a vinyl-animated mouth, Fast-Talkin' Lightning McQueen is the ultimate interactive toy. Kids can even program him to perform up to 15 outrageous stunts and tricks.

Leapster Cars Cartridge The little town of Radiator Springs has lost its luster, and Lightning McQueen and his friends need your help to lighting up the town with neon! Help the characters from the movie Cars restore the forgotten town of Radiator Springs to its former glory!

Collect tokens to get the lights by playing four action-packed games that teach essential reading and mathematical skills! Teaches: Phonics, Uppercase and lowercase letters, Patterns and Matching.

Inspired by the Disney Pixar film Cars, this radio-controlled Super Tow Mater truck revitalizes the mischief of the movie. A real towline and simple one-touch controls provide hours of automotive excitement. This large-scale plush toy brings Mater, a favorite character from the Disney Pixar film Cars, to life with voice interaction. Several motion switches allow Mater to respond to sound, and he features four minutes of bumper-bustin' laughs.

Radiator Springs Adventures is fun software that contains 10 separate - but related - games. Each game is preceded by a little video clip showing Lightning McQueen and one of the characters discussing the object of the game. The clips are funny and are voiced by the actors from the film.

It's a nostalgia trip for grownups, and it would make a great birthday present for your favorite kid. It's available for Mac and PC formats. Our copy included a free coupon to see a matinee of the movie.

This high-speed racetrack playset is modeled after the thrilling dirt track scene from the Disney Pixar movie, Cars. Kids will have fun re-enacting the high-paced excitement by playing the parts of lovable characters Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson. Where does Lightning McQueen go to crash out after a long day of racing? His Mack Truck "bachelor pad," of course. This Mack Truck Playset folds out to reveal a truck bed packed with some of Lightning McQueen's favorite activities.

Cars: PlayStation 2 Play as all your favorite motor-mouths as you help Lightning McQueen capture the Pistol Cup Championship. Relive the fun and excitement of the movie with a thrilling story-based adventure.

Challenge yourself in more than 30 races and mini games. Play as more than 10 different comical Cars characters. Enjoy an immersive experience that features the real actors' voices from the movie. You can even race against your friends in multiplayer action.

The heart of Radiator Springs comes to life with the Town Playset Assortment from the stunning world of Disney's Pixar film, Cars. These beautifully decorated models reveal the intricate details of Ramone's Custom House of Body Art. The heart of Radiator Springs comes to life with the Town Playset Assortment from the stunning world of Disney's Pixar film, Cars. These beautifully decorated models reveal the intricate details of Luigi's Casa Della Tires.
The Mack Truck Playset is an ultra cool hang out spot, or rather truck bed pad. The Mack Truck playset opens up to reveal a host of interesting features. A favorite hangout for the characters from the world of the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, CARS. Flo's V8 Café opens to reveal lots of fun features including lights and cool decos.
This embedded 128M Mix Stick MP3 Player will hold up to 25 of your favorite tunes. Featuring a colorful design inspired by Disney's Pixar film Cars, this MP3 player will remind you of your favorite scenes from the movie. Put your little one behind the wheel with this Tyco RC Cars vehicle. This 27 MHz radio-controlled replica of Sally lets your child imagine that she is the witty and loveable character from the Cars movie. With an easy-to-use remote, your kid is in control of Sally's sleek zip 'n go speed and authentic-looking movement.
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