radiator springs


"Respect the classics, man."

Fillmore is a 1960 VW Bus and Radiator Springs' resident hippie. A believer in individuality and all things natural, he brews his own organic fuel and preaches its many benefits.

1960 VW Mini-Bus

The town’s resident eccentric's motto of love and peace both charms and irritates his neighbors. Visitors can try Fillmore's special flavors in the tasting room behind his love-bead and tie-dye-covered geodesic dome. His many conspiracy theories and "naturally" unkempt yard drive his neighbor Sarge, a veteran army jeep, absolutely nuts. What’s the significance of his license plate?

The name Fillmore is a reference to Fillmore East and West located in San Francisco - the concert hall where many artists during the 1960's and 1970's performed.

The hippie van Fillmore and his songs take us back to the psychedelic '60s:

"Day After Day," Badfinger
"In My Room," Beach Boys
"Here I Go Again," Country Joe and The Fish
"I Chase the Devil," Max Romeo
"All the Young Dudes," Mott the Hoople
"Long Red," Mountain
"Heart of Gold," Neil Young
"Settle Down (Goin' Down that Highway)," Peter, Paul & Mary
"Stone Free," The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"My Conversation," The Uniques

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