radiator springs

Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson is a 1951 Hudson Hornet, a seemingly quiet country doctor who runs the local "medical clinic" (mechanic shop) in Radiator Springs. Doc ends up teaching McQueen lessons he can apply both on and off the track.

1951 Hudson Hornet - Blue Book Value $19,852

Radiator Springs’ medical man (in other words, the town mechanic), this 1951 Hudson Hornet is a gruff and wise old soul who teaches Lightning McQueen some true life lessons.

Former champion Doc Hudson's plate is "51HHMD," which is the real license plate of the original 1951 Fabulous Hudson Hornet and could be mistaken to mean "1951 Hudson Hornet, M.D." Doc is not only the town doctor, but also the town judge and he has a few surprises under his hood.

Doc's favorite tunes sound like something your grandfather would listen to, not that it's a bad thing:

"As Long As I Live," Anita O'Day
"When the World Was Young," Anita O'Day
"The Good Life," Tony Bennett
"Roly Poly," Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
"You Can't Sit Down," The Dovells
"Lonesome Road," Frank Sinatra
"The Race Is On," George Jones
"Abilene," George Hamilton IV
"The Bounce," Olympics
"King of the Road," Roger Miller