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Route 66 Road Trip
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The Mother Road

You need to get in a car and drive "to have a great time" - not - "to make great time".

For more than three decades, Route 66 was America's main east-west artery, pointing the nation toward all the promise that California seemed to hold. John Steinbeck dubbed it "The Mother Road." It has been immortalized in song and word. Route 66 has earned the title of the Main Street of America because its bends and curves sought out rather than avoided the hearts of the towns through which it passed. Route 66 has changed the lives of countless people who have decided to follow their dreams of traveling somewhere new and exciting. Over the years, life altering cross country road trips have been portrayed in the media by two young bachelors in a Corvette seeking adventure, the westward migration of dust bowl farmers or easy riders looking for their own personal America.

Route 66 Road Trip is your source for step-by-step directions of the scenic route and GPS satellite mapping to help as you take the historic journey down America's legendary highway from Chicago to LA. For those of you who have little time to plan your trip, (or for the many people that come from other countries to take the trip and see the real America) don't miss the last minute travel overview. Route 66 is part of the American Dream and road tripping is the ultimate expression of freedom in America.

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Route 66 is about getting off the interstate and slowing down to discover a different America, the one you find in 24-hour diners, historic gas stations, desert sunrises, mountain roads, mom-and-pop motels, old roadhouses and biker bars. The roads small town ambieance with roadside attractions will make you appreciate a time when getting there was half the fun. It's about classic neon, museums, ghost towns, ghosts, artists, history, gorgeous scenery, wild burros, small towns, deserts, cool photo opportunities, classic cars and nostalgia. It's about those trying to capture a moment of time gone by. Get your kicks on Route 66 Road Trip!

Travel The Mother Road

Route 66 is an ideal low-cost vacation. Even if gas prices are high, you’re going to save as much money or more sleeping along the Mother Road’s inexpensive mom-and-pop motels and eating at the cheap mom-and-pop cafes. Also, driving on Route 66 tends to be at a lower speed, so most vehicles will burn less gas.

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